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Burkheimer 490-4V Vintage


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CF Burkheimer trout rods have been quietly taking over the quality trout waters the world over. Find an angler that quietly goes about his business, casts a beautiful line with accuracy and precision and has a grin on his face that stretches ear to ear, more than likely you’ll find a Burkie in his hand. Need’n to throw a #12 Green Drake or #16~18 Elk Hair in the riffle? That’s our 590-4. Out head hunting on the Henry’s Fork Ranch section? Present your trout offerings confidently with our 489-4 DAL nicknamed “The Ranch Rod”. Picky Bow’s selectively feeding on Midges, Micro Caddis, PMD’s in a Spring Creek or glass smooth back eddy? Look to the 389-4. There are a host of fishy challenges and situations out there, and we’ve got a rod for them all. Our trout rods are light in the hand, and heavy in performance. If they don’t cast 15~20 feet with good feel and turnover, then rifle out an honest 70’+ they’re not a Burkheimer. We build rods that you’ll love to fish with, because that’s our passion and commitment to you and to the sport we are devoted to and love so much. Our trout rods contain the most current State-of-the -Art technology. We refrain from using buzz-word marketing lingo to describe tapers or models. That’s not the Burkheimer way. Instead, we prefer to focus on designing and crafting exceptional fly rods—fly rods with that “Burkie feel” and performance. Burkheimer trout rods are available in three distinct build styles; the only difference is hardware and cosmetics. Whether you choose a Vintage, Presentation, or Classic, they all feature the same solid Burkheimer design and action. It starts with the blanks we design and roll in house. We build from there.